Threads of Time Ep25 - Brian

June 30, 2015

A talk with the creator of CSFBL!  We cover the inner workings of the game, the history, what's in development and how you can help!  And we even break some news.....

Threads of Time Ep24 - Andujar

June 15, 2015

Jar finally joins the podcast!  We talk about old people, family, Vegas, CSFBL, Fakebb, wolf games and much more...... including major breaking news about my proof of a major scandal in CSFBL.  

Threads of Time Ep23 - KOTRT

April 16, 2015

We chronicle the Knights of the Roundtable wolf game with in game interviews with Clone, PR, Reds, Joke and Jar!  

Threads of Time Ep22 - Darkwolfe

February 8, 2015

Darkwolfe and I go deep and we slammed just about everyone in this podcast.  We also talked about his sexuality, our negging of each other, videos, belts, trades, tanks and just about everything else!  No one was safe!

Threads of Time Ep21 - Modenwelder

January 27, 2015

Modenwelder and I just completed maybe one of the most interesting conversations I've had and we recorded it for everyones pleasure.  Moden and I discuss South America, Carnival, Zingers dead baby, getting kidnapped, Strikes, Clash of Clans, meetups and a fine dining strip club!

Threads of Time Ep20 - WolfGame

January 11, 2015

Moden, Jelly, JokeLine, Koller, Makila, Reds and I discuss the most prolific forum game on the internet today... The WolfGame!  We discuss rules, past highlights, the future and we definitely break some news on the Threads of Time Podcast!

Threads of Time Ep19 - Phoenix Rising

January 4, 2015

PR is the first repeat guest on the ToT podcast.  We talk strikes, comedy writing, his new living arrangement, the Facebook page and much more!

Threads of Time Ep18 - Holiday Special

December 21, 2014

In the first ever group podcast, I was joined by Pigge, Makila, PackerKen, RedsFan, SmartBenny, BengalHockey and entire JokeLine family!  We talk about the community managers, coming game changes, the impending 10 year anniversary of TCL, the worst fans in America and find out about an amazing talent that Benny has been hiding from us!

Threads of Time Ep17 - Jelly

December 20, 2014

I capture my white whale by getting Jelly on the podcast.  We talk history, meet ups, the only Live Wolf Game, tanking and his personality in this hard hitting episode.  #RealJournalism

Threads of Time Ep16 - Boicey

December 17, 2014

In what was certainly the most explosive podcast, Boicey makes some claims that he was a member of a CSFBL Secret Society, spoke with another players mom, his rivalries, personal life and much more!